On Mon, Apr 09, 2001 at 10:09:15AM -0400, Carol Spears wrote:
> Zachary Beane wrote:
> > There is already a very active and helpful gimpwin-user list. See
> > http://www.gimp.org/win32/ for details about joining it and checking
> > its archives.
> > 
> Perhaps this url needs to be put with the others (this and the
> developers) at gimp.org.  I had to search around to find the windows
> gimp list, and I had to know it was there to even start to look.

Ok, I put some links to it on the mailing list page.
> I just read on the gimp news that the gimp has made it to Mac now, so
> what, it will be -- what, about six months until we will have to figure
> out if a new user is using mac, windows or *nix.

I definitely want to see generic GIMP discussion continue on
gimp-user. I hope the Windows GIMP users feel free to discuss their
gimp triumphs and troubles here, while keeping windows-specifc
questions (like all the DLL hell issues) on the gimpwin-users list.

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