"Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero" wrote:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-04-10 at 1216.26 -0400):
> > > My (first) plugin crashes on this line:
> > > plug_in_pixelize(1, $img, $draw, 10);
> Have you tried "$draw->plug_in_pixelize(10);"?
This worked.  And so did this:

plug_in_pixelize($draw, 10);

I think that you had an advantage as (if I remember correctly) you do
not have the PDB.  The listing for plug_in_pixelize in my PDB went like

plug_in_pixelize   In: INT32 run_mode     interactive, non-interactive
                       IMAGE image        Input image (unused)
                       DRAWABLE drawable  Input drawable
                       INT32 pixelwidth   resolution

The only way to make this work in my understanding is to say that the
first INT32 and IMAGE come with the environment. Or the plug-in has been
updated but not the PDB.  It wasn't what I expected.

> Grep is you friend. Go to the dir where the Perl scripts are (the same
> than the plugins, no the scripts dir), and "grep pixilize *". And the
> ones I see use things like "$drawable->plug_in_pixelize($blocksize);".
grep has always been an enigma to me.  I will read the man page, maybe I
am ready to use it.  Usually, when I ask a question from my "local
expert" about shell commands, I end up thinking about how "less is
better than more because it does more".  I should probably move along in
my thinking now.  I will read the man page. Thanks.
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