[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-04-11 at 1342.35 -0400):
> > Have you tried "$draw->plug_in_pixelize(10);"?
> This worked.  And so did this:
> plug_in_pixelize($draw, 10);

I have been using the -> latelly. As well as . in Python. It seems to
be the programming trend. Do not ask me the theory, nobody has
explained me OO so I know by practicing. :]

> I think that you had an advantage as (if I remember correctly) you do
> not have the PDB.  The listing for plug_in_pixelize in my PDB went like
> this:

I have the PDB, but the PDB does not tell you how to call each
function in each languaje. For example Scheme uses "-" instead of "_",
so you have to translate all names with that rule. It is a rough
guide, but it will be cool if it would give complete info.

> updated but not the PDB.  It wasn't what I expected.

Expecting that is too much for any doc.

> grep has always been an enigma to me.  I will read the man page, maybe I
> am ready to use it.  Usually, when I ask a question from my "local
> expert" about shell commands, I end up thinking about how "less is
> better than more because it does more".  I should probably move along in
> my thinking now.  I will read the man page. Thanks.

Unix is not learned easily without the explanation (which normaly
includes jokes) but then is hard to forget. "more" and "less" is one
of the best cases, man pages include some info luckly.

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