I encountered the follwing problem with script-fu and the NEON script
which is included in the distribution.
At first (after installing the gimp the first time on a new
Linux distribution (not depending on which - occurrs on Debian SuSE and
Redhat- others not had been tried) all works fine the neon effect is sharp
and clear after about 10 to 20 times running the script, the script seems
to self alter its behavior - still it finishes cleanly but the result looks
like only the gaussian-blur effect has been rendered, that is looking
somewhat  milky diffuse but the clear part normally in the foreground has
not been rendered at all.
This is an reproducable problem
which had occured on different computers and gimp Installations (all gimp
dists used were of 2000 or more recent.
Is this a known thing - or may this hint to a bug in script-fu ?
because I'm not yet subscribed to the list, I beg you to drop me a reply
directly to the address above
                        Thanx in advance

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