i have a little feature request on the gimp-menu's. When a user could
add the document-menu (the one under right-click) on the
document-window, it would become much cleaner how to use gimp for a
novice user. A user could disable this feature to tune and optimize his
UI. Putting the menubar into a handle-box would even enable us to have a
horizontal menubar instead of my current tearoff-menu.


On 23 Apr 2001 12:18:09 +0200, Blad, John Erling wrote:
> > Okay, how about making the menu but with the option that the
> > popup menu pops up with the cursor next to the Object
> > Methods (usually what the person wants to access in the
> > first place).
> > David Grega
> There was also some attempts to use a more specific but much larger
> menu system where you posted the menu to some "assumed" state. We called
> this "click to post". This is more or less what you say but much more
> complex.
> You could for example post a menu with a submenu open.
> That isn't really a good idea because the user often gets something he don't
> want. To avoid this we had the idea to use some modifier key but then
> we shifted the speed gain into an expert function. Not good at all.
> Jeff is somewhat off by making assumptions about what items are more
> frequent
> than others. We had extensive use case analysis about frequency of use.
> Shi
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