chmod +x

Also, this particular plug-in requires PDL, so you
must have PDL and the gimp module compiled with PDL

If you start gimp from the commandline and see errors,
those would indicate why its not registering past the
executable bit not being set.

Since its a perl-fu script, you can start the Perl
Server (Xtns->Perl Server) and then run it from the
commandline as well.  

Best of luck!


--- Indira <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> hello,
> When i download a plugin, I assume I put it in the
> plugins directory.
> for example, I would like to install
> Once it is in the plugins directory, what do i need
> to do so i can see in
> the filters menu? Or if that is not possible, how do
> i use it?
> Thank you
> Indira
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