G'day all.
I'm one of the writers of the gimp-help module for The GIMP and need a hand from y'all.
I want to put some docs together that will help provide USERS help.
So much of the help is written with a certain target in mind. Graphic Designers or at 
least those who are moderately savvy with that sort of thing.

I want to hear from the USERS.
Those of you out there who muck around with the application.
Those who can't becuase of lacking information.
All of you who find that easy to follow help is not at hand.

What I'm looking for is the "How do I ..." questions that come up over and over again.
I will write a help section that is soley a "How to ...".


How do I draw a straight line in The GIMP?
How do I rotate a selection?
How can I remove red-eye?

Get the idea?
Let's get into it people! Let's make The GIMP not only the best image manipulation 
program, but the have the best help system available.
Help me to help you!

Please send all ideas and questions to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I look forward to an Email filled week.

Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes.
                -- Dr. Warren Jackson, Director, UTCS

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