I am using Gimp for quite some time now with its basic functionality.
Now I did run into a new problem, for which I would like to get some
suggestions on
1. how to do it
2. how to do it efficiently :-)

I have scanned a map with my A4 scanner, but as the map is quite large,
it did take several scans. Now I try to put the thing back together.
The identification part is simple, because the map does contain a rectangular
grid, so that cutting on a grid line is possible. I can also rotate, so
that the grid is looking rectangular, but:
* the scanner (a not very expensive Microscan model) is not working completely
  parallel, so that when the left and lower boundary are fine, the right
  boundary is changing by 10 pixels to the left (on 3000 for the height).
  How can I best deal with the distortion?
* Once I have these rectangular pieces, how do I best put them together
  to one large map. By now I have scanned with 300dpi and the grid lines
  are at a disctance of 2cm, so I can calculate at which absolute positions
  I have to put the parts together, but I did not find a menu to put the
  data into...
  (I know that 300dpi is a lot, but I rather scan with high resolution and
  compact it later...)
I do have a Duron 800 @ 256MB main memory, so that I can play around a bit
with large graphics as needed.

Any ideas?
PS. For the background: I do own a GPS (a Garmin GPS12 for those interested)
and can do route planning with the Touratech QuoVadis software
(http://www.ttqv.de/, I really love free software and Linux, but there is
nothing comparable for Linux, so I have to boot to Windows to use it...).
The map is a "Bla Kartan" 1:100000 for the south of Sweden. It does have
a 2cm (=2km in reality) "Swedish Grid" printed on it which is supported
by the Garmin device, so that in Sweden on the bycicle I'll have a good
navigation method, but I would like to prepare the routes in advance.
As GPS is offering a high accuracy, I would of course also be interested
in digitizing the map accurately as well.
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