Hiya, some boring words from an often-silent-reader;

Just wondering if anyone experienced the problem with extreme annoyance
when it
comes to toolwindows getting the focus?

I Mean, i use the keyboard for practically everything possible, *but*
photoshop gimp uses different sets of keycombinations depending on which
window you've got focused.

I've tried different windowsmanagers and tried saving the window
as non-focusable and everything, but it always ends upp messy in the

Wouldn't it be possible to add a little option in the config to lock the
from the mainwindow to all the gimp-related windows? Would make me work
twice as
fast (considering that i wouldn't have to focus the d*mn canvaswindow
all the time).

Or is gimp in another featurefreeze?

I just realized that i really do sound like one of the grumpy ol' men,
but, i really
like the gimp, i just want it to work the way i'm used to (maybe you
can't make an old dog sit or something)...

Keep up the good work!

.. tobbe|webmaster|http://www.passagen.se
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