H'mmmm . . .

I'm running something that started out as RH 6.1, but that was 
long ago.  Many tarball installs later I have Gimp 1.2.1 running 
from sources, not RPMs or Debs, and most of the Perl scripts 
seem to work.  (YinYang is definitely there, under 
Toolbox/Xtns/Render). Pixelgenerator crashes, however.

So far I haven't tried to write any perl-fu scripts.  Can you 
point me at a good tutorial for them?

Sorry if this isn't any help - but I have occasionally gone 
blind missing stuff that was right in front of me, so maybe your 
scripts are there, but under different menu items?

Note - I found the code for the perl scripts in /usr/local/lib/gi
have you checked there?  (May be somehwere else on a debian 
system, of course).

Good luck -


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