I recently moved from Gimp 1.0.4 to Gimp 1.2.1 which caused my old method of 
creating layers out of Lasso (Freehand) selection to fail:

I used to select the lasso tool, draw the boundaries of the selection, then 
invoked the command Select -> Float via the right hand mouse button, and then 
anchored the newly created layer.

In Gimp 1.0.4 this partitioned the picture in two layers: the Background layer 
and the newly created layer. In Gimp 1.2.1 this is no longer the case: the 
image is partitioned into three parts: the two layers as before, but there is 
also a path which consists of the boundary between the two layers. If you 
merge the two layers (or flatten the image) you still do not get the whole 
picture back, but you loose the path. Any ideas what is happening? I'd like to 
have the old behaviour back, as I do not need the paths here.

Eike Ritter

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