On Sat, 2 Jun 2001, Patrick Shirkey wrote:

> Kiaora.
> I have a question that is probably pointless. However I appreciate any
> answers.
> As the gimp code takes up quite a lot of space and I have a notebook
> with not much spce I am thinking of deleting the source now that I have
> installed gimp successfully. Can anyone tell me if doing so will affect
> the operation of the Gimp? ie are there any files that the binaries
> depend on which I definitely should not delete?

If you've downloaded and built it from a .tar.gz or
.tar.bz2, you can safely delete this directory after
successfully having issued install commands.  If it's built
from Debian or RatHead or <insert favorite Linux dist. here>
source packages, I don't know.  But I'd assume they keep
binaries, source and *development* in seperate categories.

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