[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-06-02 at 1720.20 +0200):
> I have some animated gifs with each more or less 100 frames. I wanted to
> handle this animated gifs so, that I can run them in any direction, or
> stop, rerun, etc... In netscape it just run and you don't have any control
> on it.

<Image> / Filters / Animation / Animation Playback. There is no
backwards play, mainly cos some GIFs use a trick that make hard to do
that (like any modern video format, use deltas instead of full
frames). You will have to unoptimize the anim first (same menu), btw.
Then with a script move the layers inverting the order.

> Is this possible with Gimp?? If not do someone knows of another program
> for linux where this is possble??

You can also use animate, from ImageMagick. And http://freshmeat.net/
has more utils for GIF tricks, like assemblers / disassemblers which
will make possible changing the order without having to mess with Gimp
script extensions (combined with plain perl, python, shell... instead
of Gimp ones). Sorry, but I do not remember the names, use the search

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