Try putting them all in separate layers in one image file, then using 
Scale Image. If Scale Image only does one layer, try Filters->Filter All 
Layers and use Scale Image from there.
You could write a script to put all of the images into one file for you.
If you are using GIMP for Windows, I would suggest getting IrfanView 
(freeware). It has batch image processing. (

Dave Morse wrote:

> I'm working on 40 small images.  I'd like to double them all in size,
> using Image>Scale Image ... Ratio X := 2.0, Ratio Y := 2.0.  Is there any
> crafty way to work on all the images at once?  I'm no stranger to scheme,
> btw...
> PS please reply-all as I'm not subscribed to gimp-user.  Thanks.
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