Ok. I dont really use this e-mail thing much but heres a question i want 
awnsered. I cant find it in the book on the website (which is really helpful 
by the way). I make ship images for xshipwars. Now xshipwars requires 
realistic images mainly top view. If its a base or planet doesnt matter 
though. Anyways as i first learned making realistic images is no picknick. 
Despite armour and painting loooking the same color its not. I use 1 gey on 
a ship with grey hull like the enterpise it looks no even fake. It below 
fake. This is where i discovered textures. And making textures is hard. It 
looks same color yet it is rarley the same exact color in more then 5 
pickles at a time. Cuase of light and and needing a dimensinal look and 
such. So i have made some textures that should work in making a quick hull. 
Basicly i have a square hull image thats small. If i duplicate it over and 
over piling them randomly it should make the hull. My thing is though 
instead of doing cut and paste about 1,638 times having it like the paint 
thing. Just have the image and basicly paint it on like it was a single 

so basicly how would i take a texture i created and paint it?
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