Michael Guse wrote:

> Hi there !
> I have installed a Wacom Intuos tablet on my machine.


> Now when I am going to use Gimp it also sees the movement and it sees the
> different tools (i.e. eraser and pen) but it nearly never sees the pressure.

Often folks forget to turn XInput on. They have windowing systems that
automagically convert pressure tablet events into plain old X-Y mouse
events, throwing pressure and tilt evaluators away.

To ask for unadulterated tablet events

<right-mouse-button>->Dialogs->Input Devices...
Select "wacom" Device
Select "Mode" (screen maps the tablet rectangle to the entire screen; window maps it to
the Gimp canvas window)

Many Gimpers use Linux and the XFree86 X-Window system
and GTK+ has built-in prejuduces for this combination. This environment
has tablet drivers that "pack" the valuators in X-Y-Pressure-X_Tilt-Y_Tilt
order. Your environment may vary from this ordering. The "Axis" tab
allows you to experiment with this ordering. X & Y are almost universally
first, but the remaining parameters can vary.

These options not offered? No options offered?
Check if the tablet is properly configured for XInput devices.
You will likely have to look at Wacom and your X Window system
(Or Windows literature -- you've given no hint about your hardware)

Possibly your GTK+ package was not built with XInput enabled. Look
in the config.status for a line like

--with-xinput=xfree (options: <xfree | xid>)

> As anybody a idea what this might be?

Those are mine. Hope they are of some help.

Be good, be well


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