Hey All,

As I am new to this list and GIMP, I will try not to bore those of 
you that have already gone thru the things I am learning.  Answer if 
you will the questions or point me to a location that has the 
answers, is all that I ask!  8-)

I don't seem to have all my savers available to me in the "Save As" 
selection window.  I don't have JPEG, AVI and several others there.  
I did check my libs in my Linux setup, so I do have the jpeg & tiff 
installed.  I do have tiff available though, but not jpeg.  I can do 
a jpeg save by putting the jpeg extension name on the file, but it 
comes up with a requester saying it has to export the file first and 
it goes thru that and then saves jpeg.  Is this normal for the jpeg 
saver?  What about the other savers, like AVI and others, I am sorry 
I didn't write down the complete list, do they need a plugin or 
something?  A library installed or will they do as the jpeg did if I 
put that extension on the file name?

Thanks in advance for your help, gimpers!

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