[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-07-20 at 1650.31 -0400):
> I don't seem to have all my savers available to me in the "Save As" 
> selection window.  I don't have JPEG, AVI and several others there.  

It is not listed in the save as <type>? Well, most people should not
touch it, but leave as by extension (most usages are with open, when
the extension is wrong or there is no extension).

> I did check my libs in my Linux setup, so I do have the jpeg & tiff 
> installed.  I do have tiff available though, but not jpeg.  I can do 
> a jpeg save by putting the jpeg extension name on the file, but it 
> comes up with a requester saying it has to export the file first and 
> it goes thru that and then saves jpeg.  Is this normal for the jpeg 
> saver?  What about the other savers, like AVI and others, I am sorry 

Yes, otherwise it saves the active layer. BTW, if the image type is
not avaliable in JPEG, it also ask for the export thing. IE, you can
not save a RGB image as GIF, so it asks for "export - convert to

> I didn't write down the complete list, do they need a plugin or 
> something?  A library installed or will they do as the jpeg did if I 
> put that extension on the file name?

You needs libs that save avis, like you already have libs that save

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