Aladdin Systems offers "Stuffit Expanders" a Mac and Windows
freeware program which can expand BinHex (.hqx) files for Windows

Below is the download link.

After "stuffit exander" has converted text file (.hqx) to 
a binary file (ie .gif, .jpeg or .jpg) you will be able to 
open it in Gimp or a browser.

Good luck!



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On Tue, 17 Jul 2001, Dad385 wrote:

> I receied several emails with attachments  McaIntosh Application BinHex
> Archive application/mac-binhex40 files  When I try to open them, they
> expand and then the message suitable graphic importer cannot be found.
> Using netscape navigator 4.7 with Mac OS 8.5  How can I open these
> files.  What is needed?  Not a computer expert.
> Thanks

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