Hi all,

This is not a pure gimp question, but I expect other gimpers out
there might have come across it.  After spending a good bit of time
on an image, I'm having trouble with - I think - the postscript
conversion.  We have an HP2500cp PostScript printer (prints on rolls
36" wide).  After writing out my gimp image as a tiff file, I used
ImageMagick to convert it to PS at Architecture D size, which is 36"
x 24": 

        convert -page ArchD sr.tiff sr.ps

While the tiff file looks great on screen and I've seen very nice
photo quality output from this printer, my converted image looks
awful; loads of dithering.  Does anyone know what I might be doing
wrong or what important step or steps have been overlooked?

        Thanks very much,
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