GIMP Users,

This GIMP newbie has a problems.  From a blank canvas  I selected the
Layers, Channels & Path window. I clicked on the left most button on the

bottom tool bar to enable the Besier selection tool and a small square
appeared entitled Path 0.  It is the next step that does not work for

By clicking in the upper right quadrant of the canvas, a control point
is suppose to be placed on this location.  This does not occur.
Subsequent similar actions is suppose to establish a line between two
points.  I cannot achieve this.

What am I doing wrong?

I'm using GIMP version 1.1.26 and running Red Hat 6.2.  I'm also
following the step by step instructions stated in the book "Essential
GIMP for WEB Professionals" by Michael J. Hammel, Prentice Hall 2001
(pg. 98 for those who have this book).  A quick scan of the book could
not find what version of GIMP the book is written for.

Thank you all.

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