On 24 Jul 2001 10:30:30 -0700, Brian Warn wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using "The GIMP for Linux & Unix" to figure out how to set up an
> animated GIF.  Everything works except for #33 on P.280 -- setting a
> frame relay speed that is different from the default 100 milliseconds.
> I can't get my GIF to run at anything except 100ms. I'm using GIMP
> v.1.2.1.  Can you tell me if there's an update in the way v.1.2.1
> enables me to slow down my frame relay rate?

You can specify individual frame delays in the layer comment field, such
as "second frame (2000ms)". That will make the frame last for 2 seconds.
If you wan't to change the default delay for the whole animation or for
the frames that do not have a specific delay setting, GIMP will ask for
that number in the export to GIF dialog.

hope it helps

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