Thus spoke John J. Cruz
> This GIMP newbie has a problems.  From a blank canvas  I selected the
> Layers, Channels & Path window. I clicked on the left most button on the
> bottom tool bar to enable the Besier selection tool and a small square
> appeared entitled Path 0.  It is the next step that does not work for
> me.

What you did here was to create a new Path layer.  Each path has its own
layer which can be applied to any of the other Layers (note the
capitalization).  So at this point you should be ready to generate a new
path in your new Path layer.

> By clicking in the upper right quadrant of the canvas, a control point
> is suppose to be placed on this location.  This does not occur.
> Subsequent similar actions is suppose to establish a line between two
> points.  I cannot achieve this.
> What am I doing wrong?

Is the Path layer active?  To be active the Path name should have a blue
background.  If the Path layer is active, is the Bezier tool in the Toolbar
selected?  If so, this will make the mouse cursor look like a arrow pointer
with a small Bezier symbol (the same as on the Bezier button in the
Toolbox) just off center and below it.  You need both the Path layer and
the Bezier tool to be selected in order to draw your path.

If they are both selected, try to click (but don't release the mouse
button) and drag to another point.  This should draw a straight line path
which you can then edit.

> I'm using GIMP version 1.1.26 and running Red Hat 6.2.  I'm also
> following the step by step instructions stated in the book "Essential
> GIMP for WEB Professionals" by Michael J. Hammel, Prentice Hall 2001

Cool.  And since you bought it, I felt obliged to try and answer your
question.  :-)

> (pg. 98 for those who have this book).  A quick scan of the book could
> not find what version of GIMP the book is written for.

It was written for 1.2 but it was written while 1.2 was in development.  In
essence, to be in step with the book you should use 1.2.  That said, I
don't remember any serious problems in 1.1.26 that would prevent you from
doing what you are attempting.  Chances are you just don't have the Path
layer selected or the Bezier tool is not selected.

Hope that helps.

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