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> So, the point here was, that I didn't understand the meaning of the
> choice 'Anim Preview Mode': (1) Object on empty frames (2) Object on one
> frame (3) Exact Object on frames.  

As the name implies. It's for preview purposes only. You render your
move path animation by pressing OK. The result may or may not be the
final animation. GAP is about working on set of xcf files. Unlike
regular multilayer (one layer == one animation frame) animation, this
enables you to use layers in their default manner. You can even edit the
files manually, you don't have to use move path. Take a look an
navigator. That's a new feature of GAP and enables you to move around
individual frame images easily and render the final animation.

It is also very cool to combine the two animation methods. Use "apply
varying" to create an animated blur on a logo. And use this single image
animation as a source for GAP's move path... and so on

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