[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-09-22 at 1024.33 -0400):
> I noticed that there is an option to "Add Layer Mask"
> which does display a small image of the alpha channel
> in the "Layers" window.  But I cannot see how to 
> modify only this mask.  If I could, then I could use
> "Apply Layer Mask".

Add the mask then click in the mask miniature. BTW, I did a small
script to pass the alpha info to the mask, so you do not get double
effect (alpha in the image + alpha mask = ghost image), it was pretty
easy, add the mask based in the alpha, then use the curves tool to
remove the alpha.

I never remember the keys after some days of not useing it, but you
can also make the alpha become visible and deactivate it. Try click
with shift, control and alt, and watch the borders of the image and
mask miniatures (there should be white, red and green). Sorry,
sometimes I have bad memory. :]

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