> Hello All,
>  I have an image with some anti aliased writing on. On the web page, it
>  goes on a very light background, but one that is not white. I would
>  like to be able to save the file as a GIF, that is completely
>  transparent where the original graphic is completely transparent, on
>  the parts of the graphic that are partially transparent, I would like
>  the final GIF graphic to be completely opaque with white background.
>  How can I do this?
You can't save a gif with partial transparency. You have to tell that
where the image is partially transparent, what color it should be. It
could be a mixture of the color of the writing and white, but also the
color if the writing and that very light background color.

So what you need to do, is:
- create a new layer (background)
- fill it with that very light color
- in that layer, where the writing is, select the whole writing (where its
not fully transparent)
- invert the selection and clear it on the background layer
- flatten the image

Now hopefully you have the desired result.


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