Note: These directions work in GIMP 1.2.0 for Windows. It should work for Linux versions, but you may have to slightly vary them because of different versions. (I do have Linux, but I've been downloading an upgrade, and I need to get a USB hub to get my mouse working.)
Anyway, here's how: (It does not matter whether you're using a Layer Mask or an Alpha channel.) (This one had me stumpped for a bit.) (Also make sure your image's black on white. If it's the other way around, Invert it.)
1. Open the image (or make one) and use Layers-->Flatten Image.
2. In the Layers, Channels & Paths window, right-click on the layer and choose Add Alpha Channel.
3. Right-click the layer again and choose Add Layer Mask... and click OK.
4. Click on the left-hand preview image in the layer list. (It's the one that looks like your image.)
5. Use Edit-->Copy in the image window.
6. Click on the right-hand preview image in Layers, Channels & Paths, then Edit-->Paste in the image window. Click to anchor the selection.
7. You should now have a white image with transparent text. Image-->Colors-->Invert it. Now, you should have a transparent image with black text.
8. Go to Image-->Colors-->Threshold. For the range, put in 1 as the first number and 255 as the second one. Click OK.
9. Change the type to Indexed and save it.
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Hello All,
 I have an image with some anti aliased writing on. On the web page, it goes on a very light background, but one that is not white. I would like to be able to save the file as a GIF, that is completely transparent where the original graphic is completely transparent, on the parts of the graphic that are partially transparent, I would like the final GIF graphic to be completely opaque with white background. How can I do this?
Nicholas Waltham

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