I've been looking, but haven't really found anything definitive on this, 
so I'm going to ask everyone here for some advice.

I'm working on some illustrations, and am not entirely satisfied with the 
fact that they look very artificial and computer-generated.  Does anyone 
have any suggestions on ways of working with the gimp to produce artwork 
that is more "natural" looking?  I'm particularly thinking of things like 
adding paper texture, making the ink/paint look less perfect or precise, 
etc.  I guess the look I'm thinking of is more of gouache and watercolour.

I know the Gimpressionist can do a lot, and might be just the ticket, but 
I haven't found a lot of great tutorials or documentation about it, and 
my tinkering so far has been a lot of fun, but hasn't quite produced the 
results I'm looking for.

So, does anyone have some hints to get me going in the right direction on 
this?  I'd really be grateful.....

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