I wrote a script-fu to make some basic white Arial bold text
on a black button. In the (text-layer (car (gimp-text-fontname
I set antialias to TRUE and my resulting image (font size 14)
is truely antialiased, actually too much. The letters  's' and
'e' and afew others no longer stay a solid white with fading around
the edges, they actually break up and have greyish pixels that make
the text look very misshaped. Is there any way to control the ammount
of antialiasing? Is there a tip or trick to achieve better looking
(smooth yet visable) text?

I also tried apply the text layer with antialias on and using 
(plug-in-sharpen to the layer, and then applied to the whole image
but neither ways seem to pull the letters back together any better.
With the same thought I turned antialias off and used (plug-in-gauss-iir
but that blurred it to the point of smudging, even at 1 pixel radius and
1 pixed horizontala nd 0 vertical blur.

thanks in advance if anyone know some tricks to making good looking
arial text.


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