If your album is to be in HTML, you might try gphoto.  You don't have
to have a digital camera to use the Gallery feature, and the gallery
themes are easily customized.  It uses ImageMagik to do the
thumbnails.  See http://www.gphoto.org for more info.


On Mon, Oct 22, 2001 at 12:25:47PM -0600, Nathan Bullock wrote:
> Hello I am trying to make a picture album for my family and as a result I
> have a large number of picture files. I am wondering if there are any
> scripts which can automatically take all of these files and create
> a thumbnail for each one. Or is The GIMP the proper tool to be using for
> something like this.
> Thanks. Bye the way could someone send me an answer directly since I am not
> currently on the mailing list.

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