ABe wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've a question ....
> I want to mix 2 Graphics (a.jpg and b.jpg) into 1 file (c.jpg)
> can GIMP do that ?
> I've used "paste", but I could not get it
> I'll appreciate, if someone can help me. Thank you very much.

I guess this could be taken a couple of ways.  First the easy way,
assuming you just want to take two images and paste them side by side,
or one on top of the other.  You can do this with imagemagic, but gimp
will as well.  My way is how I learned to do it, not necessarily the
best way.

Create a new image that has the proper width/height of the image you
want to create (that is, depending on whether you want the images on top
of each other or side by side.)  If the images will be on top of each
other, then the new image's height should be the sum of the heights of
the two images you're working with, and so on.  Then just cut and paste
each image to the new image, adjusting them accordingly before anchoring

The other possiblility here is that you literally want to mix two
images, that is, one on top of the other, where parts of both images
show.  If you just cut and paste one image on top of the other, none of
the lower image shows through the upper image.  Open up the layers,
channels dialog.  Note there is a transparency slider.  Use this to
adjust the image transparency of the image you're pasting, before you
anchor it.  Understand that your transparency could be modified
depending on how you save the image, since different formats support
transparency differently (or not at all).

Hopefully that will help you a bit.  Maybe a REAL GIMP artist will
provide a better solution. :)

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