> >Does anyone know how to wrap text around a curve (eg ellipse) so that the
> >whole text is curved?
> >The only way I've found to do it is to move each letter individually and
> >align them by eye.
> >There should be an easier & more accurate way of doing it, but I can't
> >find one.

You can do this a little with polar coordinates.  I created the attached
image to be sure I could do it.  Here's my steps:

1.  Create a big white square.  I used 300x300 for the attached image.

2.  Write the text to curve in the top center.

3.  Select the text and use the transform tool on scale setting to make it
three times as tall.  This will end up looking a little odd.  The next
step will fix that.

4.  Select "Filter->Distorts->Polar Coords".  I made sure "To Polar" was
selected and "Map Backwards" and "Map from Top" weren't.

5.  I cropped the big white space.

Note:  I fooled around and found out you can change the severity of the
curve by using the scale transform tool to make the text narrower before I
do polar coordinates and then stretching the text out (using scale
transform again) after I've used polar coords.

I originally got this from "Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Photoshop",
which is still floating around the web somewhere (not to be confused with
Kai's Power Tools, a set of Photoshop plugins by the same guy).  It's
older than dirt (it refers to PS 2.0), but some of it is good for ideas.

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