On Tue, 2001-11-20 at 07:33, glj wrote:
> anyone else seeing crashing using paint tool with pattern..
> RH7.2/ximian/gimp1.2.2-ximian3

I don't have the ximian gimp... Actually I haven't used GIMP much lately
and don't even remember when I last compiled from CVS.

But.. could you please check bugzilla.gnome.org in the GIMP module for
similar bug reports?  A crash is a pretty serious bug so you should
report it if you can reproduce it.

If you need more help writing a bug report, please let me know.  I'm
working on a how to for the future www.gimp.org that could help.  So I'd
need to drag a URL out of carol for you. :-)


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