Jeff Trefftzs wrote:
> Another way to select a limited area by color is to use the
> "Magic Wand" tool - the one that selects contiguous areas.
> (Next to the lasso in the toolbox).  Whereas Select by color
> selects everything of the desired color, the magic wand selects
> only those pixels that are adjacent to the spot where you
> clicked, so it won't automatically give you multiple,
> discontinous selections.

I believe that the magic wand will select a 'color range', which can and
will include a range of colors.  If you select and move your mouse while
holding the button, the selected area will grow/shrink as it
widens/narrows the range.

I just tested this as follows:

create an image,  Fill this area with a gradient.  Select roughly the
center of the gradient, but hold the mouse button down and move your
mouse north/south or east/west.  As you do, you'll see the selected area

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