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> If IIRC, fetchmsttfonts is not about supporting fonts, but about
> downloading and installing the MS fonts. For XFv4 you can use them
> directly, and in older ones you can use a font server (in both cases
> read the docs about how to add new font dirs). Anyway, with GIMP that
> is necessary for the normal and gdyntext texts, freetype plug-in
> supports the fonts by itself.

Hi, Guillermo:  Happy Thanksgiving Day wherever you are.

Well, I was expecting a change in the font selection list in Gimp1.2 after 
running fetchmsttfonts.  Didn't see it.  So, I'm thinking there has to be 
another step to take, to have Gimp see the newly installed fonts.  

Maybe you might have a manual check I could try.  Something like,
Create a new directory:   ~/gimpfonttest/
Copy a truetype font from /usr/- - - -/fonts/truetype/somefontfile to the new 
Then tell Gimp something someplace? to see it.

Thanks, Tom
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