Thanks, rawtopgm from netpbm does the trick.

The software that is making these images even creates a separate "header"
file that lists the dimensions and bit depth for each image. I feel a shell
script coming on...


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>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Bytheway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Richard> Simple question, is it possible to load raw image data
    Richard> into Gimp?  In my case it is either 8 or 16 bit greyscale
    Richard> images, with sides 2^n pixels long, where n is 10,11 or
    Richard> 12.  The file is a string of these data values, no header
    Richard> or line endings.

If you can convert them to portable graymap format, then you
definitely can.  If you don't already have it, search for the netpbm
utilities and look over the docs for converting the data to portable
graymap.  The format is nearly what you have with a few bytes of
header to describe the file format.

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