Hi Lourens,

Your method worked really fine. Thanks a lot.

On Fri, 5 Oct 2001, Lourens Veen wrote:
> > The question: Have gimp some special feature so that if I am able to identify the
> > pixel line (supposing it is always at the same position) I could apply a script to
> > correct the pixel line ?
> Create a new file with the same width as the broken image and height 2.
> Select the line above the broken one and copypaste it to the first line
> in the new image, and put the line below the broken one in the second
> row. Be sure to set Interpolation Type to linear or cubic in
> Preferences->Environment, then rescale the new image to the same width,
> but height 1. This will interpolate the lines. Copypaste the line in the
> rescaled image back into the gap and there you are. If you want to get
> it even better you could copypaste two lines above and below the broken
> one, and then rescale to 25% vertically (make sure you have set
> Interpolation Type to cubic, otherwise it's not much use), but I don't
> think that's worth it quality-wise.

I did it copying two lines above and below the broken one, and then
rescaling to 25% vertically. Cubic interpolation of course.

Now I am going to check if the offending pixel line is always at the
same position on all the scanned negs in order to automatize the process
because I have some negs to scan.

Thanks again for your help.

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