Does gimp take advantage of multiple processors?

I'm trying to research into buying a new motherboard and my main app is
gimp under RH7.1.

I recently ditched PhotoShop 6.0 on Windows2000 coz I got fed up with it
crashing and I hate the Windows GUI. $600 down the drain, but I've not
looked back yet.

I am currently running on a Celeron433 on a 440ZX motherboard.

I saw a thread earlier that talked about graphics boards, which confused me
a little - correct me if I'm wrong, but gimp makes little to no use of h/w
acceleration on graphics boards.

According to my research, more important are the processor's floating point
performance and the memory<->CPU bandwidth/latency.

Currently, I am concluding that an AMD Athlon 1800 for the processor,
but there are also dual processor boards coming out.

What performance benchmark most closely resembles gimp? How do I choose?


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