Ok. Im kinda new at this. Especally with animation itself. Now making the 
frames arent the problem. Its everything else:) heres the senario.
video game on line (space type)
Ive created all the ships and such for this anim.
All ships are placed properly (too many ships mayby as its about to 
orverride the server. Like 200 ships in one screen.) Now what I want (this 
is going to kinda be our game themes animation for now) is too have my ship 
and make it suddenly appear from thin air. Then I want to fly it around (max 
zoom for best graphics and longest time too go through all the ships). This 
is first person 2d. type sapce game. there is no z axis. You see all objects 
from above. So I fly around slowly making it seem as though theres an 
endless amount of ships. Now in this game i san do screenshots so I save 
every pic. It will be a rather large pic though. So anyways how many frames 
should there probably be (it takes about 1 minute to go through all the 
ships). Becuase i could do it so there is a frame for every millisecond but 
then it would be like 3 frames before a pixle moves also. any helpfull 
juggestions for numbers of frames.

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