Hi ,sorry for contacting you about another associated issue but the 
email structure that must be adhered to is a bit laborious for 
ImageMagick Group- to say the least .Please can you confirm that you 
can  run and build your configure program utilising Visual C++ IDE . As 
fro reading the notes further seems to be the case in order to compile . 
I thought one could run ImageMagick from MS-DOS. But all attempts have 
failed so far , if you did manage the latter please send me some 
poniters before i get the sack or as i believe you run Visual C ++.

Thus is it possible to run ImageMagick from Ms-Dos and is there a 
executable configure program
around  for those like me don't at work use Visual C ++ .

Note that the above is working fine on my Linux R/hat Box but Gimp and 
ImageMagick is to be deployed on our W$ app Server  as a Image Editor 
and Photo Library.

Cheers Chuck Amadi
Systems Programmer

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