Hi there,

we - the Chemnitz Linux User Group (Chemnitz in Europe/Germany) - are 
currently organzing our 4th Linux-Tag.

As gimp being one of the most popular programms on Linux, we would like to 
have a lecture on gimp.

The Linux-Tag is a non-profit event with abount 1200 guests during March 
9th and March 10th 2002.

We would be very happy to welcome a gimp-expert here in Chemnitz.

If you are interested in having a weekend of fun - please mail me.

(German speakers would be preferred.)


Chris Huebsch     www.huebsch-gemacht.de
TU Chemnitz, Str. d. Nationen 62, 1/B204 
D-09107 Chemnitz  ---   +49 371 531 1377
visit: www.tu-chemnitz.de/linux/tag

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