Hi, the gimp gradients are cool.

On 2002-01-13 at 1332.39 -0500, John Culleton typed this mail:
> Apparently there are two kinds of gradients available --- a gradient shift 
> between foreground and background color, and the fancy gradients (french flag 
> etc.) available in the gradient dialog. I am having trouble applying the 
> latter.  The gradient tool on the toolbox deals with the former, or so I 
> assume. 
> Unfortunately the books that I have (Grokking the Gimp and The Gimp User's 
> Manual) deal with older versions of Gimp and the on-line help is not helpful.
> If someone could either point me to a specific resource or walk me through 
> the steps  of applying a fancy gradient I would be most grateful.
> My Gimp is Version 1.2.1.
> John Culleton
When you double click on the gradient button, you get a dialog.  Select the 
custom gradient from there.  You can also change the shape of the gradient
from this dialog.  It is worth it to spend some time playing with all of the
options in that dialog to see the different results.  It is a fun tool.

good luck

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