On Sunday 20 January 2002 23:40, John Lapeyre wrote:
> (Please CC me)
> I have what must be a very common problem, but I
> can't seem to solve it myself. I prefer to use
> linux, if possible.
> I have access to some HP scanner attached to
> machine running NT. The installed program does not
> reveal what resolution I am scanning at, only the
> "magnification".  

If indeed you prefer to use Linux then attach an inexpensive xcanner locally 
and use the excellent XSane package. It is the NT machine and its software 
drivers that is the problem. I use Xsane both with Gimp and standaalone and
I achieve excellent results. The scanner (an Epson Perfection 1240U)
;came with Windoes programs and drivers but except for the OCR program
I have not used any of them. I work from the Linux side and control
dimensions, density, brightness, contrast, gamma etc. very easily.

My scanner cost about $149 as I recall. If you cannot buy your own then get 
the software package from Sane and see if  you can manipulate the 
remote NT scanner instead. I am not hopeful about this. 

If you do plan to buy your own scanner then correspond with the Sane people 
first to get a list of supported scanners. 

Hope this helps. 

John Culleton

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