I have achieved respect for those of you that work with large files.  I
am working on graphics that will be poster sized (28x22 inches) at
600dpi and man have I run into problems.

I played with the tile cache and I think it is at 128MB currently.  I
cannot save the file as a gif or a jpeg.  The xcf is now a single layer
and is approx 250MB.  I was finally able to save it as a tif so now I
can put it on a cd and take it down to kinkos. 

Is there other tuning that needs to be done to work with large files
like this.

I have tried on several differnt machines:

compaq proliant server running RHL 6.2 and gimp 1.2
1GB memory dual 333 MKz PIIIs

compaq proliant running RHL 7.1 and gimp 1.2 
1GB memory dual 333 MKz PIIIs

no name Duron 750 running win89 and Gimp 1.2
512 Mb mem  

the jpgs chew for a while and as it gets close finally pukes with a
tile/memory error

similar probs with the gifs but I am not sure the error was the same.

Rats! No that I look at it, the tif with no compression generated a
654MB file.

I guess I will try it with some compression.

As Far as I know Kinkos is going to print these with Photoshop.  Is any
compression better than another for this purpose?

stuck in memory hell,


Should I be able to save 

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