On Thu, 24 Jan 2002, Peter Buckenleib wrote:
> is there a way to correct optical distortions of wide-angle lenses ( most 
> annoing within architectural pics ) using gimp ? 

It's possible...read on.

> I'm dreaming of something like stetching the upper side, interpolate all the 
> pixel-lines down to the bottom-line (which remains unstretched) and then 
> cutting away the resulting triangles on the left and right side to restore 
> the original size of the scan.

What you need to do is first calibrate the camera.  By that, I mean you
need to be able to determine the optical distortion parameters of the
lens.  This includes, the center of optical distortion (usually not
exactally in the center), and the spherical distortion exhibited by the
lens.  There's software out there to do this and I've done it with my own
digital video camera for CGI.

It sounds like you want something that you don't have to create yourself.  
That doesn't exist, but if you are interested in doing some programming I
can point you to some sources.  You might be able to use some of the lens
effects already in gimp and guess at some numbers, but your mileage may


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