Thanks for the info, Carol!  I'll install FreeType and see if that helps.  I'm finding by adding various font servers to my X-Server, I'm not having the font problems I was having before (at least not as much).  I'll install the plug-in and see what happens.

I'm using the gimp as an alternative to PhotoShop, which I can't afford.  I've seen PhotoShop 6 in action and it has some neat features, but I'm so NEW to graphic design that I don't know what most of this stuff is for anyway.  I've finally figured out how to use layers, which is helping out a LOT!!!  I'm trying to learn how to do things like "lift" a person from a JPEG image so the background is NOT there and just the person.  Then I can take the person and pasted them on a background of my choosing.  Stuff like that..... :)




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01/24/02 05:06 PM

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i wonder if Filters ->Render ->Dynamic Text or if you were to install
the gimp-freetype plug-in (found at -- be sure
to get the tar ball and not the cvs branch!!) if these two methods of
rendering fonts might work better from a remote machine.

text tool sucks, imo.  it "hints" by rendering the font 3 times bigger
than requested and reducing the size.

personally, i haven't hit the button with the big T on it for a couple
of years by now ...

good luck
also, interesting way to play with gimp ....

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