On 2002-01-25 at 1214.37 -0500, John Culleton typed this mail:
> There seems to be some overlap between the facilities of Gimp and the
> faciites of ImageMagick. Is there a general rule when you would use one and 
> when you would use the other? 
i was able convert 500 photos into gray-scale images, all of the same
width and named nicely into it's own new directory.  if i had spent
a little more time, i could have worked ftp into it and uploaded the
files to my web-site as well.  

i learned what i needed to do on GIMP and then put it into an image
magick command-line. 

there is a point where image magick is insane and your cool commands are
too far back in the history.  at that point, it might be good to learn
how to script gimp, via perl or script-fu.  script-fu can be used by
WinGIMP users as well, so this might be a nice reason to start there.

the january issue of Linux Magazine has a nice article about GIMP
script-fu written by John Beppu.  i suggest you go buy one, the magazine
is looking mighty thin this month and they could probably use your six
american dollars.  :)

also, i am not certain how well image magick deals with the xcf file

i would like any cool image magick command lines you write that work.
in fact, anyone on this list can feel free to send me any image magick
batch commands that worked for them, (send to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and put
Image Magick commandlines in the subject so i don't loose it) tell me if
you want credit or not, and i will try to keep a list.  i will start
with my favorite "man convert" and even take credit for it (*chuckle*).

hmm, my two cents worth,

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