On Saturday 26 January 2002 03:15 pm, Carol Spears, went on about:
> hi,
> even though i have used image magick quite a bit, i usually start a
> session by typing either "man convert" or "man mogrify" into a
> term window.  also, i would be fairly suprised if your linux
> distribution didn't come with it already ...
> good luck
> carol
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Hi all,
I thought about something else while all the talk about Imagemagick was 
going on here.  I use and love the simplicity of IM and for converting 
pictures and simple effects, I find it the best to use.  But since 
Pixie-Plus-KDE has shown up, I find myself using it quite a bit also!  
It is a great viewer and picture editor of sorts.  Don't know if you 
can batch process a group of files yet, I haven't gotten into it that 
much yet, but it certainly shows promise!

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