I hope the xcf.berkeley lists is not remotely mirrored in; if you have seen this announcement already, my
apologies for posting it here again, as I don't read this list often.

Hi All,

This is to announce the creation of a new mailing list at for the purpose of discussing script-fu related 

This is the script-fu mailing list for the GNU Image Manipulation 
Program (Gimp). Beginners who wish to learn script-fu may post their 
questions here. Expert scripters are welcome to discuss problems, 
solutions, and ideas for new scripts. If you have request for 
scripts, you can post a detailed description here or post an 
image.xcf.gz file with detailed explanation of the steps. 

New scripts will be announced and archived at this site. 

Membership is open to the public. Subscription info below: -

Post message: [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
Unsubscribe: [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
List owner: [EMAIL PROTECTED] 

You can access bookmarks of this new list here:

You can access scripts archive of this new list here:

You can access photo archive of this new list here:

And finally, email message archives are here:



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