Jpeg (suffix jpg) is a graphical file format often used for photographs. 
You may have a Jpeg viewer on your system.

Gimp is a very complete image manipulation program. There are easier 
programs to use if just an image viewer is needed. 

Before we can help further you should answer some questions:

1. What is your operating system? (Windows, Linux, other)

2. Do you have Gimp on your system?

3. You made repeated attempts to view the photos. What program 
did you use for viewing?

4. What suffix was on the photo files? jpg?

5. Assuming English is your second language, what is your first? (We
may have a member who can deal with your problem in your first

After you answer these questions the people on this list can offer you
some help. 
>sir; i received a series(7) of photos but none appeared after repeated
>attemps. the sender now gave me the gimp users thing but i have no idea
>how to use it. can you help. sincerely, c.(what is jpg ?)

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